Combination Roller W355K/W365K/W455K/W465KPN



Instruction Manual for Combination Roller W355K/W365K/W455K/W465K

PN: 07140/280235.

Edition: November 2000.

Valid from serial no.: JCB 40 000 01.

Total Pages 102.

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Combination Roller W355K/W365K/W455K/W465KPN

STARTING THE ENGINE OF THE Combination Roller W355K/W365K/W455K/W465KPN

1 Ensure that the transport mounting is in the driving position.

2. Ensure that there are no blocks under the machine.

3. Ensure that the drive lever is in the ZERO position.

4. Ensure that the vibration switch is in the OFF position.

5. The parking break must be engaged.

6. Move the engine speed lever into the IDLING position.

7. Turn the ignition key to the ON position.

8. Check the following indicator lights on the instrument panel and replace them if they do not shine:
– Charging current indicator light
– Engine oil pressure warning light
– Parking brake light
– ZERO position light

9. Turn the ignition key to the “PRE-HEAT” position, hold the key until the pre-heating indicator light goes out.

10. Turn the switching key of the Combination Roller W355K/W365K/W455K/W465KPN to the START position. Release the key when the engine starts to run. If the engine starts to run and immediately stops running again, do not actuate the starter until the engine is at a standstill. Do not actuate the starter for more than 30 seconds at one time. Wait for 3 minutes before actuating the starter again.

11. Check the following indicator lights and ensure that lights have gone out. If one of the indicator lights is shining, stop the engine and repair the fault:
– Charging current indicator light
– Engine oil pressure warning light
– Engine oil temperature warning light

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