Brand: JCB.

Owners manual for Cutter-Crusher MP200.

PN: 332/A0808 (ISSUE 2).

Published: JUNE 2007.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Total Pages 120.

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Using this Manual

This manual is arranged to give you a good understanding of CUTTER-CRUSHER MP200 and its safe operation. Read this manual from front to back before using the equipment for the first time. Pay particular attention to all the safety aspects of
operating and maintaining the equipment. If there is anything you are unsure about, ask your JCB Distributor or employer. Do not guess; you or others could be killed or seriously injured.

General warnings in this section are repeated throughout the manual, as well as specific warnings. Read all the safety statements regularly, so that you do not forget them. Remember that the best operators are the safest operators.

Finally, take care of this manual. Keep it clean and in good condition. Further copies can be obtained via your JCB Distributor.

JCB’s policy is one of continuous improvement. The right to change the specification of the equipment without notice is reserved. No responsibility will be accepted for discrepancies which may occur between specifications of the equipment and the descriptions contained in this publication.

Units of Measurement

In this manual, the units of measurement are metric. For example, liquid capacities are given in litres. The Imperial units follow in parenthesis (). For example 28 litres (6 gal).

Page Numbering

The page numbering system in this manual for CUTTER-CRUSHER MP200 is not continuous. There is a gap of a few pages between sections. This allows for the insertion of new pages in later issues.


A warranty card is provided at the back of this manual. Please read and understand the terms of the warranty. We recommend you have the Cutter – Crusher installed by your JCB Distributor.


It is recommended that major servicing be carried out by your JCB Distributor.

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