PN: 332/A0810 (ISSUE 2).

Published: JUNE 2007.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

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To operate the Cutter-Crusher MP300 efficiently and safely you must know the equipment and have the skill to use it. You must also be a competent operator of the machine on which the Cutter-Crusher is installed.
This manual instructs you on the Cutter-Crusher MP300 and its safe operation and maintenance. Although some guidance on using the equipment is given, this book is not a training manual. If you are a new operator, get yourself trained in the skills of using a hydraulic Cutter-Crusher before trying to work with it. If you don’t, you will not do your job well, and you will be a danger to yourself and others.

Note: These Cutter-Crushers can be installed on any JCB JS Excavator which falls within the “carrier weight” of 22-35 tonne. It can also be installed on any other carrier which is hydraulically and mechanically suitable for this particular piece of equipment. (See SPECIFICATION section). An Installation kit for the appropriate JCB machine can be purchased from your JCB Distributor. You will also need a suitable hanger bracket and a hose kit. All these items are available from your JCB Distributor. If you wish to install the Cutter-Crusher on a non-JCB machine contact your JCB Distributor for advice.

This manual deals with the CUTTER-CRUSHER MP300.


Universal Jaws.
Light to medium demolition of buildings, light or medium reinforced concrete. Thick masonry, cutting steel girders, secondary reduction and material separation.

Steel cutting Jaws.
Demolition of steel structures, secondary reduction of steel and material seperation.

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