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Published: JUNE 2007.

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First of all, precautionary measures should be taken to rule out the risk of accidents. Only operate the Cutter-Crusher MP400 from the driver’s seat in the excavator cab. Close the front screen/splinter guard and the driver’s cab to avoid injury from flying debris.

Stop the Cutter-Crusher MP400 immediately as soon as persons are in the danger zone. The danger zone during Cutter-Crusher operations is considerably greater than during the excavation operation – on account of fractions of stones and pieces of steel flying around and for this reason, the danger zone must, depending on the type of material to be worked on, be enlarged correspondingly, or the danger zone must be secured in a suitable manner through corresponding measures.

Functional Test

Using the carrier boom , raise the Cutter-Crusher until it is suspended vertically.

First Functional Test: Opening – Closing

The Cutter jaws are operated by the machines double acting circuit (see Machine Manual for operating instructions)

Second Functional Test: Rotation, to the left and to the right

The cutter can be rotated by using the carrier function ‘rotate cutter’.

Connection via ‘rotate cutter’ function:

Make sure that the hoses provided for rotating the cutter are connected correctly.

The Cutter-Crusher MP400 can now be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise when the control lever is pressed (direction of rotation depends on wiring assignment).

Valve Block

Note: Valve block is located under the inspection hatch.

The pressure relief valve (A) is set to the following fixed values for the ‘rotate cutter’ function:

MP 400 – 220 bar
Max oil flow rate-rotation 30 l/min

The choke valves (B) are set to ensure that the prescribed oil flow rates and the rotary speeds of 20 rotations/minute are not exceeded.

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