JCB Charging Kit (Charging Instructions)


Charging Instructions for Charging Kit.

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JCB Charging Kit (Charging Instructions)


The Charging Kit contains the necessary components to charge a HM22, 25, 25LV, 29, ‘D’ and ‘T’ handheld breaker or a HM65, 100, 115 and 140 machine mounted breaker. The numerical annotations in this publication refer to and correspond with the items in the parts list.

This document does not contain operating instructions for the Charging Kit. Do not attempt to operate or maintain any attachment until you have read and understood the relevant Operator Manuals for both the attachment and the carrier machine. Pay particular attention to safety information. You must observe all relevant laws and regulations.

Making the Breaker Ready

Make sure that the machine is as safe as possible to work on. Carry out the steps below. Refer to the machine Operator Manual for full details about procedures for the applicable machine.
1 Remove the breaker from the carrier machine (if applicable).
2 Remove the tool.
3 Remove the hydraulic pressure by connecting a female quick release coupling to the male coupling on the breaker tail hoses.
Note: This will remove any internal pressure locks.
4 Support the breaker while you charge it with a suitable stand.

Charging the Accumulator – ‘D’ and ‘T’ Pick

Note: For ‘D’ and ‘T’ picks, firstly gain the access to the accumulator assembly. Refer to the service manual for further details.

1 Remove the slotted screw from the breaker A.
2 Slowly loosen the charging screw approximately 3 turns with a 4mm Allen key B. Do not remove the screw.
3 Install 3/8 inch bonded washer C to the charging adaptor D. Do not over tighten, hand tight is adequate.
Note: Make sure the nitrogen bottle outlet pressure bar/psi on the regulator gauge is at zero.
4 Connect the charging hose E to the charging adaptor D.
5 Gradually increase the nitrogen bottle outlet pressure until the required level is reached.
6 Push in knob F on the charging adaptor D to engage the charging screw and tighten clockwise. Do not over tighten.
7 Close the regulator valve on the nitrogen bottle.
8 Release the trapped gas in the hose E with the venting screw G.
9 Disconnect the charging hose E.
10 Remove the charging adaptor D from the body of the breaker.
11 Tighten the charging screw with a 4mm Allen key B.
12 Install again the cover screw A.

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