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About this Manual

This document details the operation and routine maintenance procedures for the JCB Compactor 2CX/3CX/4CX Backhoe Loaders. The safety information included is directly relevant to operation and maintenance of the compactor. General safety information, and that relevant to the carrier machine is not included. For details about safe operation of the carrier machine, see the relevant documents.

Carrier Machine Suitability

The Compactors are suitable for use with the JCB 2CX/3CX/4CX Backhoe Loaders when installed with the correct hydraulic circuit. Your JCB Distributor will advise you on the suitability of your machine. The Compactors is designed to suit machines which produce a Hydraulic Flow of 24 l/min (5.27 UK gal/min). Please set the rpm of machine to give the correct hydraulic flow.

The Compactors may be suitable for use with non JCB carriers if they meet the mechanical and hydraulic requirements (Refer to Specification section). You are advised to contact your JCB Distributor for advice.

JCB Compactor

The JCB Compactor is a hydraulically powered, dipper mounted attachment. It uses the ‘vibrating plate’ principle for work such as compaction of trenches during reinstatement or areas requiring compaction.


Practise using the Compactor in a safe area, clear of other people, before working with it for the first time.


For control of attachments always refer to the relevant section in the Operator Manual for your machine.
Note: This attachment requires a High Flow hydraulic circuit on the machine. Follow the machine operating instructions for using the High Flow circuit. If the information is not covered in the machine’s Operator Manual.
Note: On extending dipper machines you may also need to transfer hose connections in order to make the High/Low Flow circuit operational. If the information for doing this is not included in the machine Operator Manual.

Preparing for Travel

Important: Ensure that before travelling on the road or on site, you and your machine comply with all the relevant local laws – it is your responsibility.

Preparing for Road Travel

Treat as for a standard bucket. (See the Operator Manual for your machine).
Note: The extension foot if installed must be removed before road travel (see Optional Extension Foot).

Preparing for Site Travel

Treat as for a standard bucket. (See the Operator Manual for your machine).

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