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About this Manual

To operate a JCB Earth Drill efficiently and safely you must know the equipment and have the skill to use it. You must also be a competent operator of the appropriate JCB Carrier.
This manual instructs you on the Earth Drill and its safe operation and maintenance. Although some guidance on using the equipment is given, if you are a new operator, get yourself trained in the skills of using an Earth Drill before trying to work with it. If you don’t, you will not do your job well, and you will be a danger to yourself and others.

The JCB Earth Drill is supplied in the form of a kit, complete with hanger bracket and tail hoses for installation on one of the following JCB machines:
– Robot 160, 165, 170, 185, 190, 1110 Skid Steer Loaders.
– Loadall (Q-Fit).
– 1CX, 2CX, Midi CX, 3CX, 4CX Backhoe Loaders.
– Micro, 801, 8025-804, 8040-8045, 8052-8080 Crawler Excavators.

Note: If applicable, the machine option Quickhitch compatible attachment frame is required for fitment to the loader end. The machine option double acting auxiliary circuit must be fitted.


This chapter is arranged to guide you step-by-step through the task of learning how to use the JCB Earth Drill. Read it through from beginning to end. By the end of the chapter you should have a good understanding of the equipment and how to operate it.
Pay particular attention to all safety messages. They are there to warn you of possible hazards. Do not just read them; think about what they mean. Understand the hazards and how to avoid them.
If there is anything you do not understand, ask your JCB distributor. He will be pleased to advise you.

Using Optional Attachment Frame

The optional attachment frame is necessary for using the earth drill on JCB Robot Skid Steer Loaders and on the loader end of the JCB 1CX Backhoe Loader.The attachment frame may also be required for use with some other attachments.

If the earth drill is being interchanged with another attachment which utilises the same attachment frame, follow the Earth Drill Only procedure. If its is being interchanged with an attachment which does not use an attachment frame or with an attachment which already has its own attachment frame, follow the Earth Drill/Attachment Frame Assembly procedure.

Note: Where there is frequent interchange of attachments which require an attachment frame, it is worthwhile permanently allocating an attachment frame to each. This will enable the user to minimise downtime by making full and efficient use of the machine Quickhitch (Refer to Earth Drill/Attachment Frame procedure).

Note: Refer to the relevant JCB Operator Manual for instructions on manoeuvring/operating the carrier during the following procedures.

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