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About this Manual

This document details the relevant use and maintenance procedures for the JCB Flail Mower. The safety information included is directly relevant to operation and maintenance of the Flail Mower. General safety information, and that relevant to the carrier machine is not included. For details about safe operation of the carrier machine, see the relevant documents.

The manufacturer’s policy is one of continuous improvement. The right to change the specification of the machine without notice is reserved. No responsibility will be accepted for discrepancies which may occur between specifications of the machine and the descriptions contained in this publication.

Check List – Equipment

The JCB Flail Mower is supplied as follows:

1 Flail Mower
2 Tail Hoses – assembled with quick release couplings
3 Grease Gun
4 JCB Grease Cartridge
5 Owners Manual

Attachment Identification

Serial Number – Always quote the serial number given on the attachments rating plate when obtaining replacement parts.

Component Identification

A Hydraulic Motor
B Motor Guard
C Rotor (inside casing)
D Flail (inside casing)
E Roller
F Rear Guard
G Front Guard
H Area for attachment plate

Driver Protection

1 in order to protect the operator from possible flying debris, it is mandatory to fit protection grills A to the carriers cab so that any debris thrown by the JCB Flail Mower cannot break the glass and injure the operator.
2 The recommended grille should consist of a strong metal mesh 1 backed by 5 mm (0.2 – 0.25 in) clear polycarbonate sheet 2.
3 The grills should only be installed on carriers with approved ROPS/FOPS cabs.
4 The operator should also wear a safety helmet and eye protection.

Hanger Bracket

1 A special Hanger Bracket (part no. 980/86055) is available for installing onto the JCB Flail Mower.
2 This must be bolted to the top of the mower.
3 The lower part of the upper bracket X is to the right when viewed from the rear of the JCB Flail Mower.

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