JCB Landscape Preparator (OPERATOR MANUAL)


OPERATOR MANUAL FOR JCB Landscape Preparator.

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JCB Landscape Preparator (OPERATOR MANUAL)

To operate a JCB Landscape Preparator attachment efficiently and safely you must know the equipment and have the skill to use it. You must also be a competent operator of the appropriate carrier machine.

About this Manual

This manual details the relevant use and maintenance procedures for the JCB Landscape Preparator attachment. Although some guidance on using the attachment is given, this document is not a training manual. If you are a new operator, get yourself trained in the skills of using the attachment before trying to work with it. If you don’t, you will not do your job well, and you will be a danger to yourself and the people around you.

The safety information included is directly relevant to operation and maintenance of the attachment. General safety information, and that relevant to the carrier machine is not included. For details about safe operation of the carrier machine, Refer to the relevant machine Operator’s Manual.

Attachment Description

The JCB Landscape Preparator is a hydraulically operated attachment. It is intended to be used on road maintenance sites, and building construction sites to separate rocks and other debris from the soil while levelling and smoothing the ground to prepare the soil for seeding or sod.

A hydraulic motor inside the unit receives an oil supply from the carrier machines auxiliary hydraulic circuit. The motor causes the preparator drum to rotate. The attachment is supplied as a complete unit with hoses and options as required.

Model and Serial Number

The attachment has an identification plate which is located on one of the side plates. The model and serial number of the attachment are stamped on the plate. Always quote the serial number when obtaining replacement parts.


Take care when lifting/handling. Lift the landscape preparator with the proper lifting points.

Before lifting the attachment, make sure that:

– You have checked the lifting capacity.

– The lifting attachments are in good condition.

– Nobody is positioned within the operating area.

– The person is authorised.

– Only one person is at the controls of the carrier.

– Remove all loose equipment from the attachment exterior.

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