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This document details the relevant use and maintenance procedures for the JCB Selector Grab. The safety information included is directly relevant to operation and maintenance of the JCB Selector Grab. General safety information, and that relevant to the carrier machine is not included. For details about safe operation of the carrier machine, see the relevant documents.

Do not attempt to install, operate or maintain any attachment until you have read and understood all relevant operator documentation for both the attachment, and the carrier machine. Pay particular attention to safety information. You must observe all relevant laws and regulations.

Carrier Machine Suitability

The JCB Selector grabs are suitable for use with a range of JCB JS Excavators as detailed in Specifications.

The carrier machine must be installed with both a high flow auxiliary and low flow circuits. An installation kit, suitable hanger bracket and a hose kit are available from your JCB distributor. The JCB Selector grabs are suitable for use with some other non JCB carrier machines, See the specification section for details of typical carrier requirements. Contact JCB distributor for advice.

Removal of the Selector Grab

Removal of the attachment from the carrier is effected in reverse order to fitting. General safety when removing the attachment:

– Collect any oil which runs out and dispose of it in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions to avoid environmental hazards.

– Keep your hands away from bores and fitting surfaces when dismounting the Selector Grab.

– Do not touch any part when the boom or arm is moving.

Non JCB Carriers

For mounting a JCB Selector grab on non-JCB Carriers you should refer to the carrier manufacturer’s instructions for removing or installing attachments. However, the following general points should always be observed:

1 Make sure that a JCB Selector grab is positioned on firm, level ground before installation or removal.

2 Make the carrier safe, e.g. parking brake engaged, engine stopped, hydraulic pressure released from the selector grab supply hoses.


Note: The following points apply when preparing the Selector Grab for long term storage:

1 Make sure that the storage area is dry.

2 Make sure the piston rod is at minimum stroke (jaws open) to prevent damage to the rod.

3 Liberally coat hanger bushings, cutting blades, with grease.

4 Seal off the hose connections to prevent ingress of dirt and moisture.

5 Store the selector Grab vertically, securely supported by wooden blocks.

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