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About the manual

This document details the relevant use and maintenance procedures for the large JCB SELECTOR GRAB. The safety information included is directly relevant to operation and maintenance of the large breakers. General safety information, and that relevant to the carrier machine is not included. For details about safe operation of the carrier machine, see the relevant documents.

Do not attempt to install, operate or maintain any attachment until you have read and understood all relevant operator documentation for both the attachment, and the carrier machine. pay particular attention to safety information. you must observe all relevant laws and regulations.

The manufacturer’s policy is one of continuous improvement. The right to change the specification of the machine without notice is reserved. No responsibility will be accepted for discrepancies which may occur between specifications of the machine and the descriptions contained in this publication.

General Description

JCB SELECTOR GRAB is a hydraulically operated attachment. It can be used on any carrier which meets the necessary hydraulic and mechanical installation requirements. The main components of the Selector Grab are shown on the illustration.
Basically, the operation of the equipment is based on static force produced by the hydraulic cylinder of the equipment. To increase attachments working life, pay particular attention to correct working methods.The main components of the Selector Grab are shown on the illustration.
The cutting edges of the grab are made of special wear-resistant material and can be rotated to be used twice. The cutting edges are bolted on before adding welds. Note: The illustration shows a typical breaker and does not represent any specific model.

Safety – Yours and Others

All machinery can be hazardous. When a machine is correctly operated and properly maintained, it is a safe machine to work with. But when it is carelessly operated or poorly maintained it can become a danger to you (the operator) and others. In this manual and on the machine you will find warning messages. Read and understand them. They tell you of potential hazards and how to avoid them. If you do not fully understand the warning messages, ask your employer or JCB distributor to explain them.
But safety is not just a matter of responding to the warnings. All the time you are working on or with the machine you must be thinking what hazards there might be and how to avoid them. Do not work with the machine until you are sure that you can control it. Do not start any job until you are sure that you and those around you will be safe. If you are unsure of anything, about the machine or the job, ask someone who knows. Do not assume anything.

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