JCB Sweeper Bucket (Fitting Instructions)


Fitting Instructions For JCB Sweeper Bucket

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JCB Sweeper Bucket (Fitting Instructions)

To operate the range of JCB sweeper bucket attachment efficiently and safely you must know the equipment and have the skill to use it. You must also be a competent operator of the appropriate carrier machine.

About this Manual

This manual details the relevant use and maintenance procedures for JCB sweeper bucket. This document is not a training manual. If you are a new operator, get yourself trained in the skills to use the attachments before trying to work with it. If you don’t, you will not do your job well, and you will be a danger to yourself and the people around you.

The safety information included is directly relevant to operation and maintenance of the attachment. General safety information, and that relevant to the carrier machine is not included. For details about safe operation of the carrier machine, refer to the relevant machine Operator Manual.

Sweeper Bucket Note: For attachment to existing buckets. For the cleaning of debris in yard areas. It is intended to be installed to the buckets (2350mm wide). Installation of a brush to a narrower bucket can cause material to be projected out of the bucket.

Note: Not to be used to brush up trash containing large amounts of twine or materials which will wrap around the brush core.

Note: The weight of the sweeper reduces the available lift capacity of the machine by 350kg. The type of material swept up may be considerably denser than materials the shovel was intended for. The operator must take this into account when operating the combination.

Care and Safety of Hoses

Make sure you have a competent knowledge and training of hydraulic maintenance before attempting to change or repair a hose. Routine maintenance should include checking the hoses of the machine. If a hose is found with any fault it must be changed. If you find a hose which is weeping or leaking you must stop the machine, identify the root cause of the problem and rectify the problem before starting work again. If you cannot find the root cause seek advise from your JCB dealer.

Some examples of these are shown in the following six points, however these are not totally comprehensive.

End fitting damaged or leaking

If hose elbows are dented or crushed, oil flow is restricted and the speed at which the service operates will be reduced. Badly crushed elbows can completely block the oil flow and prevent the service from operating.

Storage of the Machine

1 Clean unit thoroughly, removing all mud, dirt and grease.
2 Inspect for visible signs of wear, breakage, or damage.
3 Order any parts required, and make the necessary repairs to avoid delays when starting next season.
4 Tighten loose nuts, capscrews and hydraulic connections.
5 Cap hydraulic couplers to protect against contaminates.
6 Coat the exposed portions of the cylinder rod with grease.
7 Store the unit in a dry and protected place. Leaving the unit outside will materially shorten its life.
8 Lubricate all grease fittings.

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