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Published: ISSUE 3 – AUGUST 2009.

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Machine Model and Serial Number

This manual is for JCB VIBRATING PLATE VMF70, VMF90PN. It provides information for the following model(s) in the JCB machine range:
– VMF70 from serial number 1306000
– VMF90 from serial number 1306050

Using this Manual

This manual is arranged to give you a good understanding of the machine and its safe operation. It also contains maintenance information and specification data. Read this manual from front to back before using the machine for the first time. Particular attention must be given to all the safety aspects of operating and maintaining the machine. Do not operate the machine without an Operator Manual.

Treat the Operator Manual as part of the machine. Keep it clean and in good condition. Replace the Operator Manual immediately if it is lost, damaged or becomes unreadable. If there is anything you are not sure abo ut, ask your JCB distributor or employer. Do not guess, you or others could be killed or seriously injured.

General warnings in this chapter are repeated throughout the book, as well as specific warnings. Read all the safety statements regularly, so you do not forget them. Remember that the best operators are the safest operators. The illustrations in this manual are for guidance only. Where the machines differ, the text and or the illustration will specify.

The manufacturer’s policy is one of continuous improvement. The right to change the specification of the machine without notice is reserved. No responsibility will be accepted for discrepancies which ma y occur between specifications of the machine and the descriptions contained in this publication.

Operating Practices

The following instructions should be observed under all circumstances during operation of the vibrating plate:
– When moving the machine, keep it under control at all times. Stay alert for obstructions and possible hazards.
– The machine operator must not leave the machine unattended.
– Due to its method of operation, the vibrating plate causes vibrations and shocks in the ground. The user must make sure that building structures, pipes and other facilities in the vicinity are not damaged by the vibrations.
– Refuel only with the engine switched off.
– Operation of the machine on rock, concrete or any other firm, non-compactible ground is not recommended.
– If you find a defect in the operating or safety equipment, then you must stop the vibrating plate immediately.

Operating Procedure

After you have warmed up the engine, move off as described below.
1 Hold the operator handle A with both hands. Using the operator handle, guide the machine over the material to be compacted.
Note: The machine should only be operated at maximum speed. Lower speeds may destroy the centrifugal clutch, reduce compaction performance and effect HAV levels.
2 The propelling force of the machine is such that additional pushing is not necessary. It does, however, depend on the type of material to be compacted (grain size, bulk density), evenness of the soil, gradient etc.
3 Steer the machine by moving the operator handle sideways. When the operator handle is in an upright position, the machine may be turned round.
4 If the machine is not equipped with a water spraying system, moisten the underside of the plate with water before compacting bitumous sand or bitumous aggragates in order to prevent the material to be compacted sticking to the plate.
5 If JCB VIBRATING PLATE VMF70, VMF90PN is equipped with a water spraying system, activate it by openeing the stop cock while compacting bitumous sand or bitumous aggragates in order to prevent the material to be compacted from adhering.

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