Mercedes Media Library


The Media Library is your Knowledge Base on Star Diagnosis systems

Language : EN, DE, FR, ES, IT

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Mercedes Media Library

The SDmedia Media Library is your Knowledge Base on Star Diagnosis systems. Video, animation and audio files support you in the repair, maintenance and service of vehicles. You open SDmedia by clicking on an icon on your Star Diagnosis desktop, or you can access it directly from the Diagnosis Assistance System (DAS). – Mercedes Media Library

SDmedia is the bridge between the WIS workshop systems, the diagnostic systems on Star Diagnosis and the TIPS media library and knowledge base on the Star Diagnosis systems. Video, animation and audio files support you in the repair, maintenance and service of vehicles. This media is designed as a useful addition to the workshop systems, with most of it having been initiated by Service AET, Warranty and Goodwill, and the Fixed First Visit project. Multimedia presentations are intelligently used to illustrate complex procedures or procedures that cannot be demonstrated by conventional media. They serve to sustainably reduce the number of follow-up repairs, and they are a cost-effective way for technicians to refresh and solidify their knowledge of particular topics. Print products such as Introduction into Service Manuals, System and Function Descriptions, and Technology and Diagnosis Guides are available in SDmedia in electronic form. SDmedia is currently averrable in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

SDmedia is supplied together with the Star Diagnosis updates. Each release always contains the complete content that is valid at the time. SDmedia can be used on the Star Diagnosis basic2, compact3, compact3w and compact4 systems.


Mercedes Media Library


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