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Schmitz EPOS

New spare part documentation SCHMITZ EPOS

We are the first in the trailer industry to offer SCHMITZ EPOS, the electronic replacement parts documentation, and the order system. SCHMITZ EPOS stands for Electronic Parts documentation and Ordering System and brings the following benefits:

Easy to use and search by double-clicking on pictures, exploded drawings and parts information Documentation on spares for all parts of the trailer, from the roof to the tyres Precision searching for parts by chassis number or in the catalogue (not order related). Language selection for the system and part names (German, English, French) Technical data sheet for vehicles as a special feature for workshops Selected parts can be placed in a shopping trolley for order processing Runs under Windows 98 / Windows 2000, Windows NT on any standard PC Order the standard version with the current data and find out for yourself how easy it is to use this powerful system.

In the future, SCHMITZ EPOS will be linked to the Internet for database access and ordering. Until then, we can offer you frequent amendments, allowing you to keep “your” SCHMITZ EPOS vehicle inventory up-to-date and to benefit from enhancements to the program.

Use the order form (download the pdf file and fax it to us) to tell us how often you would like to receive an EPOS update.

With SCHMITZ EPOS you can identify parts unambiguously and set up order lists. This will reduce your costs and avoid errors.

If you are already an experienced SCHMITZ EPOS user, we would like to know what you think of it.

We would welcome any comments or suggestions about SCHMITZ EPOS, so that we can meet your needs even better with enhancements to the program.


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