Powered Tamper VMR60/VMR75 (Instruction Manual)



Instruction Manual for Powered Tamper VMR60/VMR75

PN: 05101/28135B

Edition: November 2005

Valid from serial no.: JCB 12 330 00.

Total Pages 25

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Powered Tamper VMR60/VMR75 (Instruction Manual)


1. The adjustment, maintenance and servicing work and intervals stipulated in the operating instructions must be observed, including information concerning the replacement of parts and accessories. This work may be carried out by skilled personnel only.

2. Inform operating personnel prior to carrying out routine and special maintenance work. Designate a supervisor.

3. Observe the procedures for switching on and off according to the operating instructions and the instructions for maintenance work when carrying out any work affecting operation, adaptation to production, refitting, or adjustments to the machine and its safety equipment, and servicing, maintenance and repair work.

4. Demarcate a wide area around the maintenance points if required.

5. Carry out maintenance and servicing work only with the machines on level ground with an adequate bearing capacity.

6. When replacing individual components and larger assemblies of the Powered Tamper VMR60/VMR75, attach them carefully to cranes and secure them to prevent any hazard arising. Only use suitable cranes and lifting tackle with an adequate load–bearing capacity. Do not stand or walk beneath suspended loads.

7. At the start of maintenance and repair work, clean the Powered Tamper VMR60/VMR75, and in particular terminals and unions, of oil, fuel or cleaning fluids. Do not use any corrosive cleaning materials. Use lint–free cloths.

8. Before cleaning the machine with water or steam jet (high–pressure cleaner) or any other cleaning agent, cover or seal all openings which should not be penetrated by water/steam/cleaning agent for safety and/or functional reasons.

9. After cleaning, remove all covers and seals again.

10. After cleaning, check all fuel, engine oil and hydraulic oil lines for leaks, loose unions, chafing and damage. Rectify any faults detected immediately.

11. Always tighten any loosened unions following maintenance and repair work.

12. Should it be necessary to remove safety devices during fitting, maintenance and repair work, the safety facilities must be refitted and checked as soon as the maintenance and repair work has been completed.

13. Ensure that operating agents and process materials and replaced components are disposed of responsibly.

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