Renault PARTS CATALOG (EN) [02/2018]


Dialogys v4.72, parts catalog only

Version : 02-2018
Language : EN, DE, RU…
Date : DECEMBER 2018

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Renault PARTS CATALOG (EN) [02/2018]

Renault Dialogys contains the RENAULT After-Sales documentation in electronic format. Distributed on CD/DVD discs, it gives you access to RENAULT’s Spare Part documentation and technical documentation. It also allows you to prepare various documents such as Estimates and Orders for parts. – Renault PARTS CATALOG (EN)

Dialogys allows you to consult:

– Parts catalogues for vehicles

These catalogues contain all the parts necessary for repairing RENAULT vehicles.
The DIALOGYS application automatically works out their part numbers using the technical specifications of the vehicle you provide.
For each part number obtained, if it appears in the Prices file, the application extracts its description, price, MSDT (Manufacturer, Source, Duty and Tax), bar code and its replacement sequence. Users of versions connected to the local network can also find out the availability of the part.

– Parts Catalogues for Discontinued Ranges

These catalogues contain all the parts necessary for repairing RENAULT vehicles belonging to discontinued ranges.
The vehicles concerned are as follows: Renault 4, Renault 5, Renault 6, Renault 9/11, Renault 12, Renault 14, Renault 15/17, Renault 16, Renault 18, Renault 20/30, Renault 25, Fuego, Alpine, Jeep, Trafic.
The information is presented as it might be in the vehicle parts catalogues or microfiches.
Automatic determination of part numbers according to the technical specifications is therefore not available and a basic knowledge of using traditional documentation is required.

– Parts Catalogues 400 and 401 (Engine peripherals/Engine parts)

PR 400 and 401 involve engine peripheral assemblies: carburettor (or injection), starter, alternator and ignition module.
They are essentially used to find part numbers for the components of these assemblies since, unlike the part numbers of the assemblies, the part numbers of components are not shown in the vehicle parts catalogues.
Dialogys no longer automatically determines the part number as with vehicle spare parts. It is the user himself who determines the part number according to the technical specifications of the vehicle.

– Parts Catalogue 830 (sundry items/small parts)

PR 830 involves sundry items: attachment components (nuts and bolts, rivets, clips, etc.) and miscellaneous parts (door hinges, adhesive tapes, etc.).
In Dialogys, the part numbers appear directly on the screen and the user can select them according to their characteristics.
For these part numbers, although the interrogation is not direct, it is possible to obtain the same information as for part numbers coming from other documentation (interrogation of the price list or the parts file using the Current part numbers window.

– The operation time catalogues

For each vehicle appearing in Dialogys, you will have access to the corresponding operation time catalogue.
You will find exactly the same content as the paper document. The operation descriptions are complete (full titles). The different operations contained in this catalogue can be selected and added to an estimate.

– The repair manuals

Dialogys also allows you to access the repair manuals for each vehicle. If required, you can print these documents in order to follow a diagram close to the vehicle.

– Technical Notes (general and fault-related repair procedures)

The Technical Notes (with the exception of wiring diagrams) are shown in Dialogys, and are updated with each new CD-ROM. Dialogys allows you to find them easily according to the selected vehicle, and to consult them. If the A2A connection is available, the fault-related Technical Notes can be accessed online.
Other functionalities assist the search process. You can, for example, find Technical Notes by looking for a particular word in their titles or list the new Notes contained in the Dialogys update.

Repair manuals are in Russian only

Renault models covered by the Dialogys:

Clio (phase 1 & 2)
Clio (phase 3)
Clio II
Clio III
Clio RS V6
Espace (1-3)
Espace IV
Kangoo II
Laguna Estate
Laguna II
Laguna III
Logan India
Mascott/Master Propulsion
Master (from 1981)
Megane Classic/Estate
Megane Coupe & Cabriolet
Megane II
Megane III
Megane Scenic
New Twingo
R21 Savanna
R4 (from 1983)
R5 New
Scenic II
Scenic III
Trafic (from march 1989)
Trafic II
Vel Satis

Dacia models covered by the Dialogys:





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