STEYR Ecotech TRACTOR Kompakt 4055S, 4065S (SERVICE MANUAL)


SERVICE MANUAL FOR STEYR Ecotech TRACTOR Kompakt 4055S, Kompakt 4065S.

PIN: ZEAM00327 and above.

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STEYR Ecotech TRACTOR Kompakt 4055S, 4065S

List of supported Steyr Ecotech tractors

  • Kompakt 4055S,
  • Kompakt 4065S.

PIN: ZEAM00327 and above.

Gearbox and shuttle

4-speed gearbox with constant-mesh helical gears controlled by two synchronizers.
The range gear has cascade-type constant-mesh spur gears.
The range gears can provide 3 ranges of gears (12-gear version) or 2 ranges (8-gear version).
The gearbox and the range gears are controlled by two independent levers located on the right-hand side of the operator.
The shuttle is a mechanical device making it possible to obtain 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears or 8 forward gears and 8 reverse gears. It is controlled by a lever located to the left of the steering wheel.
The reverser is composed of a group of three spur gears: driving reverser gear, intermediate gear and driven reverser gear. Selection is effected by means of a synchronizer located in the gear unit.
The reverser is installed inside the clutch casing, between the clutch and the gearbox.
Lubrication is by means of the oil in the rear transmission/gearbox.

Transmission housing – Remove (21.114)

ATTENTION: Handle all parts of STEYR Ecotech TRACTOR Kompakt 4055S, 4065S with care. Do not put your hands or fingers between parts. Wear the prescribed safety clothing, including goggles, gloves and safety footwear.

1. Position the rear transmission housing on an adequate support.
2. Remove the parking brake lever (1).
3. Unscrew the nine securing bolts (1) and remove the right-hand side cover (2). NOTE: Label bracket placement to ease install.
4. Extract the Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft (2) together with the PTO speed selection coupling (1).
5. Unscrew the three retaining bolts (2) and remove the bearing guard (1).
6. Remove the circlips (3) from the outer edge of the bearings.
7. Unscrew the four retaining bolts (2) and remove the shaft support (1).
8. Remove bolt (2) and extract the gearbox lubrication fitting (1).
9. Expand the circlips (1) and (2) while extracting the transmission input and output shafts together with the relevant gears.

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