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About this Manual

Foreword – Important notice regarding equipment servicing

All repair and maintenance work listed in this manual for STEYR NEF TIER 4B ENGINE. They must be carried out only by qualified dealership personnel, strictly complying with the instructions given, and using, whenever possible, the special tools.
Anyone who performs repair and maintenance operations without complying with the procedures provided herein shall be responsible for any subsequent damages. The manufacturer and all the organizations of its distribution chain, including – without limitation – national, regional, or local dealers, reject any responsibility for damages caused by parts and/or components not approved by the manufacturer, including those used for the servicing or repair of the product manufactured or marketed by the manufacturer.

In any case, no warranty is given or attributed on the product manufactured or marketed by the manufacturer in case of damages caused by parts and/or components not approved by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make improvements in design and changes in specifications at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation to install them on units previously sold. Specifications, descriptions, and
illustrative material herein are as accurate as known at time of publication but are subject to change without notice.

In case of questions, refer to your CNH Sales and Service Networks.

Basic instructions – Shop and Assembly


For each adjustment operation for STEYR NEF TIER 4B ENGINE, select adjusting shims and measure individually using a micrometer, then add up the recorded values. Do not rely on measuring the entire shimming set, which may be incorrect, or the rated value indicated on each shim.

Rotating shaft seals

For correct rotating shaft seal installation, proceed as follows:
• before assembly, allow the seal to soak in the oil it will be sealing for at least thirty minutes.
• thoroughly clean the shaft and check that the working surface on the shaft is not damaged.
• position the sealing lip facing the fluid; with hydrodynamic lips, take into consideration the shaft rotation direction and position the grooves so that they will deviate the fluid towards the inner side of the seal.
• coat the sealing lip with a thin layer of lubricant (use oil rather than grease) and fill the gap between the sealing lip and the dust lip on double lip seals with grease.
• insert the seal in its seat and press down using a flat punch or seal installation tool. Do not tap the seal with a hammer or mallet.
• whilst inserting the seal, check that it is perpendicular to the seat; once settled, make sure that it makes contact with the thrust element, if required.
• to prevent damaging the seal lip on the shaft, position a protective guard during installation operations.

O-Ring seals

Lubricate the O-RING seals before inserting them in the seats in STEYR NEF TIER 4B ENGINE, this will prevent them from overturning and twisting, which would jeopardise sealing efficiency.

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