STEYR TRACTOR 6135 CVT, 6145, 6155, 6170, 6190, 6195


SERVICE MANUAL FOR STEYR TRACTOR 6135 CVT, 6145, 6155, 6170, 6190, 6195.

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STEYR TRACTOR 6135 CVT, 6145, 6155, 6170, 6190, 6195


The purpose of this manual for STEYR TRACTOR 6135 CVT, 6145, 6155, 6170, 6190, 6195 is to provide basic information required to service and repair CNH diesel engines. The engines are of the same design. Differences which have an influence on repair work are therefore listed in the technical data and repair instructions. All dimensions are specified in millimetres and apply at a temperature of +20 °C, if not specified otherwise.

Before starting repair work, make sure all necessary special tools, spare parts and accessories are available. It is not absolutely necessary to have all the special tools mentioned in this manual. However, having them does make it quicker and easier to carry out any repairs necessary. After a repair, the engine must be run in just like a new engine.

If any questions arise, which cannot be clarified with the aid of this manual for STEYR TRACTOR 6135 CVT, 6145, 6155, 6170, 6190, 6195, please contact Customer Service at CNH Österreich GmbH in St. Valentin or the respective importer.

IMPORTANT: When making any queries, please specify the following engine data and the current operating hours count.
EEM2 = Electronic Engine Management
PCU = Pump Control Unit


The 620 series CNH diesel engines are water-cooled, four stroke, in-line engines with direct injection. All models are equipped with wet, replaceable cylinder liners, an exhaust turbocharger and charge-air cooling (air/air). As the engines are equipped with an electronic diesel control system in conjunction with an electronic engine control system (CAN network including solenoid valve-controlled distributor injection pump VP30), all models comply with the exhaust-gas regulations in accordance with Tier 2.

Cylinder block

The rib-reinforced cylinder block forms the main engine unit, onto which other engine components are mounted. The wet, replaceable cylinder liners are supported in the middle, thus reducing vibration and the coolant flow is mainly directed to the upper section of the cylinder liners.

The bottom part of the cylinder liner and the cylinder block are sealed by three O-rings, which are inserted in the grooves in the cylinder liner. The upper part is sealed by the cylinder head gasket. The camshaft is located in the cylinder block. All camshaft bearings are equipped with replaceable cylinder liners.

Guide bearings are fitted on both sides of the rear crankshaft bearings (crankshaft – axial bearings). Flywheel casing The flywheel casing is fitted at the rear end of the cylinder block. The seal for the rear end of the crankshaft is fitted in a bore hole in the casing. The flange for the starter is located in the flywheel casing. The underside of the flywheel casing is used as a sealing surface for the oil sump seal. This means that the underside of the cylinder block must be flush with the flywheel casing. When the flywheel casing is fitted, its position is determined by sprung dowel pins.


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