STEYR TRACTOR Multi ET 4095, 4105, 4115 (SERVICE MANUAL)


SERVICE MANUAL FOR STEYR TRACTOR 4095 Multi ET, 4105 Multi ET, 4115 Multi ET

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STEYR TRACTOR Multi ET 4095, 4105, 4115 (SERVICE MANUAL)

List of supported Steyr Tractors

  • 4095 STEYR TRACTOR Multi ET
  • 4105 STEYR TRACTOR Multi ET
  • 4115 STEYR TRACTOR Multi ET

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed to remove polluting diesel engine particulate from exhaust gas; when clogged, it needs to be regenerated. The diesel particulate filter can be regenerated automatically or by forcing.

The regeneration process is signaled to the operator on the central monitor of the dashboard and with an acoustic signal. The indication is necessary for the purposes of safety to warn the operator about the high exhaust temperature reached during the process. The automatic regeneration shall not affect engine performance. During the procedure, the operator can continue working normally.

Under certain operating conditions automatic regeneration might not be completed (engine continuously stopping and starting, lengthy periods at idle speed) and it must then be repeated.

The start of automatic regeneration, if set, is highlighted with the following warning light blinking on the dashboard and the same symbol appears every 5 minutes on the central monitor with the word “ON” combined with a single beep. On concluding the operation the symbol appears with the word “OFF” .

When the level of soot exceeds a certain level, the electronic control unit asks you to proceed with manual filter regeneration.

NOTICE: If the filter is not regenerated when required, whether manually or by forcing, the functionality of the filter is impaired. Continuing to ignore this request, besides greatly reducing engine horsepower, damages the filter to such an extent that it is necessary for the dealer to replace the filter with a new one.

Belt – Remove – 120 A alternator

Prior operation:

Removal of the engine fan.

1. Remove the mounting bolts (1).
2. Remove the cover.
3. Loosen the pivot bolt (3) and the retaining nut.
4. Loosen the retaining nut (4).
5. Loosen the screw in the slot of the belt tensioner (2).
6. Loosen the counter nut of the adjusting screw (1).
7. Turn the adjusting screw (1) counter-clockwise. Relieve the tension from the poly V-belt.
8. Remove the poly V-belt.

You can find more manual for Steyr Tractors here

The manufacturer’s website is here


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