Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM 132–200D/PD (Instruction Manual)



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM 132–200D/PD

PN: 07242/28435A.

Edition: July 2005.

Valid from serial no.:JCB 18 000 00.

Total Pages 110.

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Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM 132–200D/PD (Instruction Manual)

Normal Operation of Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM 132–200D/PD

1. Refrain from any method of working which might threaten safety.

2. Before starting work, become acquainted with the working environment at the place of application. The working environment includes, for example, obstacles in the working or traffic region,including the turn–around areas at the ends of the working region, the load–bearing capacity of the ground and the necessary sealing–off of the building site from the public traffic region.

3. Take measures to ensure that the machine is operated only in a safe condition in which it is capable of functioning properly.

Only operate the machine when all protective devices and devices serving a safety function, e.g. detachable protective devices, emergency switch–off devices, sound proofing and extraction devices are present and operational.

4. At least once per shift, check whether the machine has externally recognizable damage and deficiencies. Immediately report any changes which have occurred (including those in operating behaviour) to the office/person in charge. If necessary shut down and secure the machine.

5. If malfunctions occur, immediately stop and secure the machine. Have faults eliminated immediately.

6. Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM 132–200D/PD having an operator’s seat should be operated only from the operator’s area.

7. Observe the indicator displays in accordance with the instruction manual.

8. Before switching on/ starting the machine, ensure that no–one can be threatened by the machine starting.

9. Before commencing driving/starting work, check whether the brakes and steering and signalling and lighting devices are operational.

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