Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM75D/PD (Instruction Manual)



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM75D/PD.

PN: 07222/28435A.

Edition: November 2005.

Valid from serial no.: JCB 18 000 00.

Total Pages 98.

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Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM75D/PD (Instruction Manual)

Electrical energy

1. Use only original fuses with the correct current strength. Immediately switch off Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM75D/PD in the event of faults in the electric power supply.

2. Keep a sufficient distance from overhead electric cables with the machine. When working in the vicinity of overhead electric cables, the equipment must not come into the vicinity of the lines. Such work can be highly dangerous. Inform yourself about about safety distances which must be kept.

3. After touching lines carrying high–voltage current

– Do not leave the machine.
– Drive the machine out of the danger area.
– Warn bystanders not to come closer or touch the machine.
– Have the voltage switched off.
– Leave the machine only when the line touched/damaged has definitely been de–energized.

4. Work on electrical systems or working stock may be performed only by a qualified electrician or under the guidance and supervision of a qualified electrician and in accordance with the electrotechnical rules.

5. Machine parts on which service, maintenance and repair work are to be carried out must be de–energized.

First check that the disconnected parts are de–energized, then earth and short–circuit them and insulate adjacent energized parts.

6. The electrical equipment of a Vibratory Single Drum Roller VM75D/PD must be inspected/checked regularly. Deficiencies, such as loose connections or scorched cables, must be repaired immediately.

7. If work is necessary on energized parts, enlist the aid of a second person to actuate the emergency off–switch or or the main switch in case of emergency. Close off the work area with a red and white safety chain and a warning sign. Use only user–insulated tools.

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