Vibratory Single Drum Roller W1105D/PD (Instruction Manual)



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Single Drum Roller W1105D/PD.

PN: 07241/28035C.

Edition: February 2002.

Total Pages 115.

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Vibratory Single Drum Roller W1105D/PD (Instruction Manual)

This instruction manual is intended to make it easier to get to know Vibratory Single Drum Roller W1105D/PD and to use it for the applications for which it was intended.

The instruction manual includes important notes on operating the machine safely, properly and economically. Observing these notes will help to avoid danger, to reduce repair costs and downtime and to increase the reliability and service life of the machine. This instruction manual is binding only for the trailer roller. Suitability, operation and safety of the towing vehicle are the responsibility of the user.

The instruction manual must always be available at the site of application of the machine. The instruction manual must be read and applied by all persons working with/on Vibratory Single Drum Roller W1105D/PD, e.g.

– Operation including assembly, elimination of faults during the course of work, care, disposal of operating agents and process materials

– Maintenance (service, repairs) and/or

– Transport.

In addition to the instruction manual and the regulations for accident prevention applicable at the place of application, the recognized technical rules for safe and competent work must also be observed, in particular the ”Richtlinien für Straßenwalzen und Bodenverdichter” (”Guidelines for Road Rollers and Soil Compactors”), ZH1/530.

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