Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT160PN (Instruction Manual)



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT160

PN: 07141/98235.

Edition: January 2007.

Valid from serial no.: JCB 17 005 24.

Total Pages 71.

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Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT160PN (Instruction Manual)


1. Always keep the instruction manual ready to hand at the site of application of the machine.

2. In addition to the instruction manual, observe generally applicable legal and otherwise binding regulations regarding accident prevention and environmental conservation, and see that they are applied.

Such obligations can also relate, for example, to dealing with dangerous materials or to the provision/wearing of personal safety equipment or to road traffic regulations.

3. Add instructions, including details of responsibility for supervision and obligations to register, relating to company peculiarities, e.g. with regard to work organization, work sequences, staff appointed, to the instruction manual.

4. Staff appointed to work on the machine must have read the instruction manual, and, in particular, the section ”Safety Notes” before starting work. It is too late once work has started. This applies particularly to staff which works on the machine only occasionally, e.g. during assembly and maintenance.

5. Check that the staff are aware of safety measures and possible hazards as they work and that they observe the the instruction manual.

6. Staff may not have long hair hanging freely or wear loose clothing or jewellery, including rings. Injury can result, e.g. from items getting caught on or pulled into machinery.

7. If necessary or required by regulations, use personal safety equipment.

8. Observe all safety and danger notes on the Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT160PN.

9. Keep all safety and danger notes on the machine legible.

10. If there are any changes to the machine or its operational behaviour which might have an effect on safety, immediately stop the machine and report the fault to the person/office in charge.

11. Do not make any alterations to the machine, attach any parts or convert the machine without the approval of the manufacturer, if these measures might impair the safety of the machine. This applies also to the installation and adjustment of safety devices and safety valves and to welding onto load–bearing parts and onto the protective bow.

12. Spare parts must satisfy the technical requirements laid down by the manufacturer. This is always ensured in the case of original spare parts.

13. Replace hydraulic hose lines at the specified intervals or at appropriate intervals, even if no deficiencies are visible which might have an effect on safety.

14. Keep to the deadlines for recurring checks/services which are laid down or are given in the instruction manual for Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT160PN.

15. Workshop equipment appropriate to the work is essential for performing maintenance operations.

16. Publicize the location and operation of fire extinguishers.

17. Observe the fire alarm possibilities and fire–fighting possibilities.


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