Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT260 (Instruction Manual)



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT260.

PN: 07170/98035.

Edition: January 2007.

Valid from serial no.:JCB 17 005 15.

Total Pages 74.

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Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT260 (Instruction Manual)

1. Drive lever of Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT260

This lever has three positions, FORWARDS ZERO and REVERSE. Use this lever for reversing the driving direction and for adjusting the speed. Move the lever forwards to drive forwards. Move the lever backwards to reverse (reversing horn sounds if installed). The further the lever is moved forwards or backwards from the ZERO position, the greater is the driving speed. To stop the machine, move the lever into the ZERO position.

Machine starting lock

This lock is locked in the in the ZERO position of the drive lever. To release the locking, pull the drive lever to the left and then select the desired driving direction. For starting or stopping the engine, ensure that the drive lever is in the ZERO position and has clicked into position.

Reversing horn
During reversing, the reversing horn sounds intermittently.

2. Vibration switch

Preselect vibration. The vibration is switched ON and OFF with the switch, in the drive lever.

3. Steering wheel

The steering wheel is used for steering the Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT260. A fixed displacement hydrostatic pump assists the steering and acts, via steering booster (Orbitrol), on the steering cylinder which are attached between the wheeled part and the front frame.

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