Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT390/400/480/500



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT390/400/480/500.

PN: 07140/28035B.

Edition: November 2005.

Valid from serial no.: JCB 17 000 20.

Total Pages 93.

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Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT390/400/480/500

BRIEF DESCRIPTION for Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT390/400/480/500

The terms ”right”, ”left”, ”front” and ”rear” used in this instruction manual refer to the sides of the Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT390/400/480/500 as seen by the machine operator.
The Vibratory tandem roller was designed as a modular system and is characterized by a large variety of variants.
The Vibratory tandem roller may be provided only with the components described in this instruction manual.


Enter the serial numbers (Product Identification Numbers P.I.N.) on the following lines. When ordering spare parts or requesting information on the machine, you must quote these numbers to the VIBROMAX dealer.

Make a list of these numbers. Keep this list in a safe place. If the machine is stolen, these numbers should be given to the authorities investigating the theft.


1. The machine (Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT390/400/480/500) is built according to the state of the art practices and in accordance with the recognized safety rules. Nevertheless, its use can cause danger to life and limb of the user or third parties or damage to the machine and other material assets.

2. Use the machine only when it is in technically perfect condition. Use it in the manner for which it was intended. Be aware of safety measures and possible hazards. Always observe the instruction manual. In particular, immediately eliminate faults which could impair safety (or have them eliminated).

3. The machine is intended solely for the compaction of beds of earth or bituminous construction materials when running over the subgrade in the forward or reverse direction with or without vibration.

These building materials include soil types ranging from stones to silty sand and having water contents ranging from 40% to 110% of the optimum water content according to the standard Proctor test as given in DIN 18127.

Fine–grained soils or soils having higher water contents require a qualified trial compaction.

The machine is intended to be used only on a subgrade gradient up to the permissible gradient.

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