Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT950/950SK



Instruction Manual for Vibratory Tandem Roller + Combination Roller VMT950/950SK.

PN: 07180/28190A.

Edition: April 2006.

Valid from serial no.: JCB 17 000 00.

Total Pages 94.

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Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT950/950SK

General practical advice concerning Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT950/950SK is given below. Ask a VIBROMAX dealer if you require additional information regarding specific problems or special applications.

Using vibration on hard, compaction–averse surface can cause heavy damages and is not permitted! Know the limits of the machine. Keep the machine under control at all times. Do not perform too many operations at once. Always pay attention. Keep the work area clear of persons who are not entitled to be in the vicinity of the machine. Know the positions of authorized persons in the work area.

If the operator looses control of a machine, injury or death can result. The operator must decide if the weather and the soil conditions permit safe handling on a slope, a gradient or uneven ground. On a slope, a gradient or uneven ground, the machine may be driven only at a low speed.

If the machine starts to move without an operator, injury or death can result. Before leaving the operator’s platform, actuate the parking brake and stop the engine. See PARKING THE MACHINE this instruction manual.

When compacting a new road bed or a new road surface, drive on the filling material or the bituminous layer with the full width of the machine. The machine can tip over if it is not resting on the surface with its full width.

Operation on a gradient can be dangerous. Rain, snow, loose crushed rock, soft ground etc. change the soil conditions. The operator must judge whether the machine can be driven on a gradient or ramp. Thus, before driving on a gradient or ramp, inspect the work area and then drive at low speed, as Vibratory Tandem Roller VMT950/950SK can otherwise go out of control and tip over.

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